Saturday, April 12, 2014

Days are long, years are short

Lately, it's been all about living the life, not documenting it. Life with toddler is one with few breaks. But I also feel guilty for not being diligent about recording these happy moments more frequently and consistently. I love this life and want to capture it for the future self, and even for Jack, in case he is ever interested in reading about the family's daily minutiae during his early life. 

So here is the week's worth of captured glimpses into this precious little boy's life. My world revolves around him in every way. I never thought a child would consume me so utterly and completely. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

First of all, we had a "week of the young child" at the daycare, so each day they had a theme.
Hat day
Tie-dye day
Dress like a teacher day
 We also spent a lot of time with family.
Jack and his cousin
Jack and his daddy
Jack as a happy, beloved 2-year old

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