Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vroom, vroom pillow case

I've taken sewing lessons before. I've sewn a few projects. But when Stitch started offering beginning sewing classes this month, I had to sign up. For one, my sister - who has never sewn before - signed up and I wanted to support her. And two - I just love the store, the friendly owners, and their merchandise.
Our project was a pillow case using the French seam method. When I first went in to sign up, Jack was with me, and he made a bee line for the fabric with cars on it. He kept pointing at it and saying "vroom! vroom!" and I knew what had to be done. That pillow case was to be his. It was decided.
Even though this fabric wouldn't have been MY first choice (the stuff Stitch has is amazing!), I couldn't be more pleased with the end product. And I know Jack is going to appreciate it when he comes home from majka & dido's house.
I met some lovely ladies and got to do something fun with my little sister, creating something for my baby boy. And I also learned something new. All in all, a wonderful event. I've already signed up for a couple more classes coming up.


Adji said...

I'm absolutely in love wih my pillow case (once I get over my perfectionism). I keep looking at it. This was so much fun! Thanks for your patience and support!!!

diane starkey said...

I'm so glad you had fun. Still looking forward to hang out and knit sometime. -D

beartifix said...

Adji - Yay! I'm proud of you! Your pillow case IS beautiful. Art is not perfect and precise.

Diane - Thank you! Yes - we need to pick a date. I'll send you a PM via FB to get something on the calendar.