Monday, January 13, 2014

A hat fit for a lizard prince

So I dreamt up, designed, and knit up a little hat for my cousin's baby boy. My cousin is VERY much into lizards, so I knew I had to incorporate a lizard in my design. In the process I learned how to double-knit. The lizard was tricky to do without having some skewing here and there, but perfection is not the goal here.
It's a lizard
Don't like how you can see between stitches, but overall not bad
Another thing I learned - for tight pom-poms, use lots of yarn
Also - learned that blocking makes a great deal of difference - from now on, I'm blocking everything
Reversible - the inside might look just as good as the outside
Off to be mailed tomorrow. I really hope she likes it. Really, really hope she does.

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