Monday, December 30, 2013


My parents, sisters, and cousins loaded into three cars on Saturday and we headed over to see the Jolly Holiday Lights together. Jack kept pointing and shouting "woah!"
Where are we going?


Suzana said...

OMG! Kalina went crazy! We had a such a great time too. I think she loved it because she also was able to sit on dad in the front seat (our car seat is not in the middle so she would have not seen it at all). We need to have a play date soon, after Christmas I will hit you up. LOVE! Best wishes in 2014 to you and your little family.

beartifix said...

Thanks Suzi! Yes - let's hang out after the holidays. We also ended up putting Jack up in front. It was hard to get him back into his car seat afterward. Ha! Wishing you and your family happy holidays!