Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guitar Man

My cousin Y is an incredibly talented musician. His guitar is an extension of him and his skills are unlike anyone's I've ever known. So you can imagine my delight when Jack showed intense interest in what my cousin was doing. He watched Y for a while, and then we decided to hand him a little guitar that my dad had laying around. He started imitating Y and the two of them jammed for quite a while.
Jack seems to love music. He gravitates toward musical instruments and his face lights up when he hears a song he likes. Oh, and those dance moves... no one dances quite like him. He gets into a trance and is absolutely gleeful.
Since my hubby and I are avid music fanatics, I can't help but want Jack to have a love of music in his life. I hope he takes up a musical instruments and tries to make music of his own one day. I don't want to push it on him, but if he continues to show an interest in it, I'm going to offer him every opportunity to learn and immerse him in every music experience.
 Baby it's the guitar man...

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