Thursday, April 25, 2013

New kitchen floors

The kitchen in our old house had a carpet from the 80s in the dining section and an equally old vinyl floor that started tearing up around the cabinetry/appliances. Having a dog did not help the carpet situation. So after getting a little tired of the dog smell emanating from the carpet, hubby and I decided to find a temporary replacement (one day, we'd like to have tile there, but until we can afford it, we needed a quick fix). So we decided to buy vinyl tiles and install them ourselves.
New floors
First, quarter rounds were removed, carpet and vinyl was torn up, and baseboards were cleaned.

Next, we made sure to fasten down any squeaky baseboards and flush out any nails that were sticking up.

The cutting, peeling & sticking was the easy part.

The room smells and looks much better. Next, we got to work on that green wall paint...

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