Sunday, April 21, 2013

Glow Run 2013

My sister and I participated in the 5k Glow Run this Saturday.
Equipped with neon shirts, glow-sticks, and blue ribbons in tribute to Boston Marathon victims, we joined the starting line with 12,000 (!) other people from the greater Des Moines area.
I was a little nervous considering my current unfitness, but when we started shortly after 8:35pm, I was delighted by the crowd filled with various ages, shapes & sizes. Some were sprinting, others were walking, some even skipping. My sister sprinted ahead and I did a run/walk combo. I made it to the finish line in record time (for me). Then I found my sister, received my medal, and then we danced by the stage with many other brightly-clad individuals. I had fun and am looking forward to another one of these. It really motivated me to work on my running. I would love to run the entire thing one day (or at least keep up with my little sister).


Anonymous said...

Good job Ena!

beartifix said...

Thank you!

Ami said...

Next year, I'm joining you two!! Bummed I missed it this year :(