Tuesday, December 20, 2011

28-Week Pregnancy Update

This morning was my 28-week doctor's appointment. Here is where we are at:
  • We are officially entering the third trimester. That's 70% done, my friends. From now on, I'm seeing the doctor every two weeks.
  • So far in my pregnancy, I've only gained 4.5 pounds - 2 of those pounds is the baby, and I'm not sure how much the amniotic fluid and extra blood weigh. Of course, I was overweight to begin with, but I'm glad I didn't get much larger. 
  • My liver enzymes (ALP & ASP) are awesome. Currently, they are at 14 and 20. They used to be in the 150s before I got pregnant.
  • My thyroid levels have also never been better. I'm down to 1.4 and normally I strive for 1.5. Baby boy is healing his mommy - such a sweetheart!
  • I received my Rhogam shot for having Rh negative blood so that I don't build antibodies to my possibly Rh positive present and future babies. 
  • They did a fetal non-stress test for about 20-30 minutes, and everything checked out fine. Baby's heart beat, movement, and reactivity was normal.
  • The doctor measured my uterus and found that it is larger than what it should be based on my due date, so she ordered an ultrasound for our next appointment. I'm hoping that it just means that my baby boy is thriving. My coworkers seem to think there might be another baby in there. I doubt it, but yikes! Regardless, I want to make sure everything checks out. Plus it will be nice to see my sweet boy's face again.


-B from KC said...

You are doing great, Ena! I'm so excited to see this little guy. I saw on Facebook yesterday that you wanted to delete your page. Remember I didn't even have a FB page until I had Kael, and its actually under his name. I like having it just to post pictures of him and occasionally get on to check in on the world and my friends in Des Moines. You could consider doing the same so you don't feel like such a "prisoner" (I love your word choice!).

Also, I don't know if I told you but at a recent work conference, I met Dr. John Gorman. He and a few of his colleagues invented the Rhogam shot in he '60s. His sister-in-law was actually the first to have it done. He was sort of an all star/lady's man at the conference. In the blood world, he's like Hugh Heffner. :)

Keep doing well girlie!

Katy said...

I like comments to. You're awesome.

Katy said...

But I hate typos... Sorry, dude. Your friend is a dummy.

azra Beganovic said...

I doubt you have twins. I think your baby boy is a diva who demands a lot of room to move around. :)

Lisa Lavia Ryan said...

Hmm. You don't look like you're twinning, but your mom would know better than I what a twin pregnancy looks like! When is your ultrasound? I'm with Azra ... I imagine he just wants more room to move around!

Lisa Lavia Ryan said...

I also wanted to tell you -- when I was pregnant with No. 2, my sweet Caroline, I started out a bit heavier than I had wanted to. But my net weight gain was only 11 pounds, and she weighed 9.2, so I left the hospital weighing less than I did when I got pregnant. That's something to look forward to (although I think you look lovely just the way you are).