Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blind hem

The hem on one of the legs on my favorite pair of dress pants loosened in the wash. I noticed too late this morning, so I used safety pins to keep it hemmed throughout the day. It wasn't the best solution. I could totally feel the weight of the safety pins pulling down one leg. Plus, you could totally tell I had safety pins on. I'd get a flashing glimpse of the tiny needles when I walked. I know, my life is so dramatic.
I decided I'd try to do the blind hem myself. I had a brief lesson on this a year or so ago, but I had to reference the internet for a refresher.
It's really not hard once you get a hang of it.
I was successful. The stitching could have been a bit less sloppy, but you couldn't see it because it's a blind hem. See for yourself.
A week ago, my hubby paid $75 to hem five of his dress pants. I don't think he'll have to do that again. I got skills!


Anonymous said...

hej ja to uspjesno rjesavam heftaricom... pola garderobe bi pistalo na 'metal detector'
xoxo Oici

Azra Beganovic said...

If I ever need my pants hemmed, I know who to contact. That expensive machine came in handy after all.