Saturday, July 3, 2010

One of the greatest losses in my life

It is with a broken heart and immense sadness that I look to the east, where my beloved grandmother, or "majka",  is going to be laid to rest next to my grandfather tomorrow on a beautiful hill, surrounded by the forest. 
After a very difficult illness, she has passed away. I can even describe the pain I feel. This is a woman I loved so deeply, I am never going to be the same without her in this world.
She loved when I sang this song to her when I was little, and here it is, for one last time:
Draga moja majko,
ja te volim jako
nježna, dobra, mila
ti si meni bila
Iako sam mala,
kazem tebi hvala
svojim srcem cijelim
sve najbolje ti želim...
Love you, majka. You will always and forever live in my heart. Rest in peace...

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MsAmanda said...

So sorry to hear Ena.