Sunday, July 4, 2010

Italy 2010 - Day 4

While the sad news dampened my mood, it did not prevent me from seeking comfort in the beauty that was all around me. A few of us decided to take a walk around Asolo. Here are some of the sights.
Me with Mike and Lauren in front of Elanore Duse's home.
These streets are so narrow, and yet they are two-way. They also share the space with pedestrians and bicyclists. 
The fortress.

I adore their shops. Small but very tasteful.
And then there are the fountains (that come from Roman aqueducts)..
Gelato in Italy is so delicious. I got mine from Francesco, a very pleasant gelato shop owner.
I also had the best cappuccino in my life.

We also learned a new lesson. When you want latte in Italy, make sure you ask for cafe latte, otherwise you will get milk. Poor Lauren!
Megan (who took a lot of pics of me - sweetest girl in the world), Lauren (with her milk), Mike and I enjoying our drinks. Megan and I also shared Caprese salad (yum!)
We were later joined by our instructor for dinner. I had polenta with cheese. It was actually quite light and satisfying. 
And then Megan and I shared amaretto mousse with pineapple for dessert. 
Despite all the sadness I was feeling, I was happy to be in the company of good people in a beautiful surrounding (eating most delicious food). 

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