Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Italy 2010 - Day 8

We had a busy day. First we went on an Alpinestars company tour.
The company was pretty impressive. We got to take a look at how their products were made and tested.
We got some hats out of this trip.
Following the company tour, we had an etiquette class. We got to apply our Continental etiquette skills at the gourmet multi-course dinner later that evening. There are all 15 of us. Great people.
Since I am a vegetarian, I had different meals than my classmates. But they were so tasty. Here is simple pasta with the richest pesto I have ever tasted.
And another one of my courses were grilled vegetables. Vegetables here taste better than what I am used to in the States. It definitely makes me want to get back to gardening my own veggies again.
This dinner was long, but my company was entertaining.
Here we all are - posing for a group photo together with the program director and his wife. What a smart and good-looking group of people. :)
And here are just the folks from Iowa. Our professor Ginny (I), Steve and Jean (O), myself and Jared (W) and Mike and Ted (A).
What does that spell? IOWA!! I love going places, but I love going home even more.

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