Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is so nice to be home. My husband and my family was waiting at the airport, my puppy was happy to see me, and my wonderful coworkers sent me some flowers with their condolences for my loss. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you so much, gals! You are the best.
I also wanted to share some of my loot with you. First of all, as it is with the wonders of the universe, I stumbled upon the only yarn shop in the alleys of Venice and got some beautiful Italian and Croatian yarn there.

I also found some illustrated cooking books that are just too cute to pass up. I got one for each one of my sisters, and one for myself.
Now I just need to learn Italian.

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Anonymous said...

Draga moja Ena,
Dobro dosla kuci! Neizmjerno sam ponosan na tebe, sretan i zahvalan sto se tvoje putovanje sretno zavrsilo.
Voli te,