Saturday, March 6, 2010

More birthdays and time with the Tweedles

Friday was my friend's Desiree's 25th birthday. I don't think she was excited about joining me and Spomi in our late 20s. And she is not very keen on taking pictures, either, despite the fact she is so pretty.
We celebrated with a dinner at the Court Avenue Brewing Company, and then watched Alice in Wonderland at Fleur Cinema (my favorite movie theater in town). My sisters wanted to see the movie as well, so they joined us. I felt I hit two birds with one stone. I like social efficiency.
Court Ave has a delicious menu, and their house-brewed beers. Below is gorgeous sister #1, putting my faded beauty to shame.
And how could I forget gorgeous sister #2? I think I cleared all the bad genes for my younger sisters.
The long-awaited Tim Burton movie was not bad, but it was also a bit... underwhelming. Nonetheless, it was worth the money.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum (I could not resist a comparison to the charming twins in the movie) spent the night at my house following the movie. Wally is way too happy to have the company.
And I know my guests are sleeping on the couch, but honestly, that couch is even more comfortable than my bed. My sisters confirmed it. Anyone should be lucky to sleep on my couch. Desiree even recalls a time I slept on the couch - sitting up - the whole night through. But that's a story for a different post...

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