Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 19th birthday, little sisters!

Instead of going out to eat, I suggested we celebrate my sisters' birthday at home. I picked up my sisters at 6pm at the campus, and then we headed to our parents' house, where the dinner was waiting. We had salmon, asparagus, linguine, mushrooms... It was quite a feast.
M, dad, mom and Z, getting ready to eat.
Mom also made cakes for my sisters. They were made from scratch. Absolutely delicious!
The girls blew out the candles. Aren't they cute?
And then it was the obligatory picture time. Me and my beautiful sisters...
Mom and dad with the girls...
One with just dad...
...and one with mom.
Then it was gift-opening time. I got the girls UtiliTea electric kettle for their dorm room. They
really needed it. I also got them tea infusers and cup lid sets each, with lots of different tea samples.
And mom and dad got them nice tea thermos so they could take their freshly brewed tea from the dorm room to their class room this winter.

As you can guess, the theme was "tea time for the twins". My idea. These girls like their tea!

Happy birthday, twinzies! Wishing you all the best in the world. Love you!


Jennifer said...

Celebrity sighting! Does your mom work here? I recongized her from your blog and then uncomfortably stared her down as I tried to place how I "knew" her!

beartifix said...

Yes! That's my mom. She works at the same company as you and I. Only she is in the Square building. Ha!