Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've been sick all week, so haven't had the energy to do anything exciting. Now I have also infected my poor hubby, so now we are moping around the house together. Last night, we actually spent the evening napping on the couch to the background noise of the Public Television channel.

We did, however, get three things done yesterday. We emptied our closets and donated the clothes to Goodwill (63 whole items!). Lots of my clothes were things I no longer can wear since I lost weight. Yay!

I also attended the soccer game my hubby coaches for his nephew. Below is our niece with her little friend at the game. Cute!Hubby and his sister getting the lineup ready before the game.My hubby, the coach. :) It was nice seeing my quiet, soft-spoken husband in action and in charge.It was a good game, even though we lost by one goal. Afterward, we visited my parents who were in good spirits. I got to eat my favorite Bosnian dish, "grah" with my mother's fresh "kruh". Yummy!

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Pedra said...

your husband is hot.