Monday, June 22, 2009

I think I might get mercury poisoning

I had fish for lunch and dinner yesterday...and today. Not entirely by choice.

You see, my best friend wanted us to meet for lunch at an Indian restaurant. Unfortunately, the road to the place was under construction, so I kept getting lost on the detour route. After finally getting to the place, I found S waiting in the parking lot for me. The restaurant was closed.

Since I had to get back to work, and the closest thing around was Burger King, that's where we went. I had a fish sandwich because that's the only thing I could get on the menu. There is S, feeling regretful about the meal. I swear, it had a billion calories. I am glad I worked out really hard beforehand.
While at work, I received a call from my doc about a 25 (OH) Vitamin D test they did on me. My levels are now optimal, 43 ng/mL, which is way up from the 20s range I had tested before. Yay!

After work, I met my husband and S to renew my cell phone contract and get a new phone. It's pretty nice - no extra frills or anything. I gave my old phone to S since hers broke.
After that, I met my friend BL at a local Japanese steak house for some sushi. (More fish... she picked the place, and I couldn't refuse since she was treating me to dinner). They had fish swimming around inside the restaurant. All that fish...
We ordered some good stuff. Miso soup and ginger salad were delicious. Sushi was great, except for this weird concoction. Don't remember what it was called, but it had the weirdest texture and the fishiest taste.
There is my friend BL. She got me a gift certificate to the East Village Spa. Awesome gift - can't wait to use it. I really do need a massage or a manicure or something. I look pretty rough. Nothing like my friend here, who is impeccably groomed.
We also had the most delicious cake at a nearby coffee shop. It was yummy. Mmm... I will have to go back for this. Some lady makes these at home and sells them through the coffee shop. I think I am going to find her and make her my personal cake chef. Yum!

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