Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Socks and hats

Finally! It took me months to finish my hubby's wool socks. The needles I used were small and delicate, so it took longer than it needed to. But alas, they are done! And it seems like hubby likes them. He even slept in them - it was kinda cute.I also finished my flapper hat. Turned out pretty. There are two ways you can wear it, with the flap up or down. Too bad my head is so large.
Now on to those other projects! My goal is not to start a new project till all the others are finished. So I got three pillow covers, another hat, and a crocheted amigurumi owl to go. All I need is more free time.


MsAmanda said...

nice knitting!

beartifix said...

Thanks! It's my guilty passion.