Saturday, May 2, 2009

Me colorful cucina

When I went clothes shopping with B this past week, she pointed out that the drab, neutral colors I gravitate towards feed my need to blend in. This, however, is not the case when it comes to my kitchen - the most colorful space in my house.That loudly screaming bag was gifted to me by one of my younger sisters. It is from her trip to France last spring. It has an inscription that says something loosely translated to "I am shopping with my Jaguar". It's perfect for the farmer's market.

And check out that bamboo thing-a-ma-jingie holder I purchased last week. It replaced a boring, plastic cup.
I also got this cute octopus pot scrubber that dispenses soap at Target. And I love that soap in "Kitchen Lemon" from Bath and Body Works. It foams up so nicely and it's anti-bacterial (bring it on, swine flu - or rather, don't).And the brightest thing of all is my kilim rug - it was made for me as an heirloom and a wedding gift. It's colorful, beautiful, and a pain to keep clean. (I've spent many moons brushing the dog hair out of it.)
There is a corner of the rug and the main mess culprit. See - I am colorful. Who's drab?

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