Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gifts from grandparents

My dear parents went shopping and got our sweet little peanut some awesome gifts - many cute outfits, bedding, and a wagon for his newest obsession with carts and hauling stuff.

EKKORE wagon @ Ikea
They also got me a wall shelf for my bathroom. This was something I've been wanting for a while since I have limited storage in my bathroom for all my toiletries. I have an empty wall next to my sink that could be utilized, and this is just perfect (Ikea).
LIMHAMN wall shelf @ Ikea
Jack also got to spend time with his grandparents. He loves it there. His grandparents and aunties shower him with love and attention. He is a lucky little boy.
My stylin' little guy
Sitting outside with majka
And off he goes...


Anonymous said...

Good lord. Do your parents make an Ikea trip every other week?

beartifix said...

No, last time we went up there but my parents gave us money. This time they went. We love Ikea and go there at least once a year. Have you been there?

. said...
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Anonymous said...


Brooke F. said...

Hey Ena! It's Brooke! I was just catching up on your blog. I can't believe I've never met this little guy! Breaks my heart. Anyway, they just started working on the new Ikea that will be 15 minutes from my house! I think they said it will open Fall 2014. You and your boys will have to come stay with us and we'll make it a weekend full of shopping! Please stay in touch. Miss you bunches! PS - Kael would love your little Jack!

beartifix said...

Yes!! Count on it! Miss you, too! And can't believe how big Kael is now. My sweet buddy - he and Jack would have lots of fun together.