Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy day

Yesterday morning was cloudy and a bit cold. I put on a light jacket on baby and went out on the back porch.
You may remember this jacket from a previous post. I knitted this baby surprise jacket while I was pregnant. There is something so special about wrapping your baby up in yarn. I am looking forward to knitting more stuff for him - just wish I had more time.
Later in the morning we headed downtown for the Farmer's Market and then planned on going to the Arts Festival, but it started raining so we headed home instead. Sad that we are going to miss the Arts Festival this year. But there will be more. And baby boy will be older so he might enjoy the art instead of dozing off in his stroller.

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Anonymous said...

"Oooh, art. How très ennuyeux" says Jack. =P
-S, expert in baby speak.