Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday reflections

This week I turned 29. I can't say I'm sad about leaving my twenties. I've accomplished a lot - graduated from college summa cum laude, earned a Master's degree, landed an interesting and rewarding job with a great company (my top choice), married the love of my life (10 years strong!), moved into our own little home, and the best of all - had our sweet little baby boy.

While I might have had a rough start in childhood, this last decade has been smooth sailing. Not that there haven't been some roadblocks along the way (almost losing my job and having my brilliant husband struggle to find employment, losing loved ones, house needing some major repairs, and having health issues now and then), but we've focused on the positive and moved right along.

While I spent my birthday sneezing and coughing and feeling miserable after a catching a cold (darn daycare germs), I enjoyed spending it with my boys.
Scratching daddy's face
 I also dyed my hair and cut my bangs in the spur of a moment. My hair needed... something... anything. It's alright.
Jack is now rolling over on his tummy and holding his head real high. This was a big surprise to us and a great birthday present from my thriving little boy.
Love my sweet darlings
I'm looking forward to future accomplishments and life events with these two. But for now, I'm going to take it one day at a time.

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Anonymous said...

That last picture cracked me up.
"Daddy, why do you cry when I poke your eye with my chubby little fingers?"