Friday, March 30, 2012

First trips

What a big day for baby!
We got dressed...
Wearing flannel like his Daddy
Clothes sizing: 0-3 mos still a little baggy
Lumber Jack
Waiting for mama to get dressed, too
...and headed out to the mall with auntie Adji.
The luxury stroller is a dream ride
First public feeding
Only got fussy when hungry
Was good during the first public restroom diaper change
Then we visited friends at the yarn shop where mama used to work. Baby boy got to meet Ms. Nancy, Ms. Rose and Ms. Renee. Was a little cranky because he was tired.  But he made it on the shop's Facebook page posing with Mitch the monkey.
First modeling gig  :)

 Oh, and we also went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.
Baby in the cart
Healthy food for mama makes healthy food for baby
Auntie Adji! Couldn't have done it without her
Overall, such a fun outing. Auntie Adji was a big help. But mama and baby were exhausted and ready to go home.


Rose said...

Highlight of my day was seeing you and meeting Jack. He is cuter in person. What a precious little boy!

Azra Beganovic said...

Aunti Adji is exhausted, too! It was a lot of fun, and Jack was so well behaved! You'll have to take him out more often.