Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bicycles! Bicycles!

After work on Saturday, I received a text from Spomi asking me if I wanted to join her for dinner. We met downtown at Dos Rios. The food was pretty awful. But we didn't let it ruin our night. Instead, we headed to the sculpture park where we spontaneously decided to rent some bikes and ride to a nearby lake/park. The next few hours were one of the best ones this year.
I took quite a few pictures (much to Spomi's dismay).
We had these delirious smiles plastered to our faces during the entire ride.

After a satisfying ride around the lake, we headed back to the sculpture park where I made Spomi pose. A lot.

This last photo is a teaser and a clue for our tomorrow's adventure. Stay tuned!

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Azra said...

Amra and I had a similar experience back in September. We went out to Centro followed by a walk in the Sculpture Park. When we saw the bikes we too decided to ride them on a whim. My bike was named Marilyn and Amra's was Kevin. It was a lot of fun!