Friday, October 1, 2010

Start of fall & new beginnings

On the first day of fall my family and I went to an orchard to pick up delicious apples.
Ami hogging the apple picker :)
Hey - she didn't pay for that apple!
My beautiful parents
Yummm... corn!
I got my two sisters and me
In other news, I got laid off from my awesome job, so I am preparing for a challenging time ahead. But I am optimistic things will be just fine.


MsAmanda said...

Ugh, sorry Ena. But, I know you will find something GREAT! A new door-never know what's behind it.

Jennifer said...

Good luck, Ena! I agree with Amanda, I'm sure you will have no problem finding another ob. I'm afraid I will be in the same position - job hunting - in the next few weeks/months. I haven't heard anything for certain, but I can't help but feel like it's inevitable.