Thursday, August 5, 2010

New furniture showroom

Hubby and I finally got our new furniture. It is all set up and ready for use. I am giddy with excitement. Let me show you!
Here is the brand spanking new bedroom:
That's actually dark wood - it's not really that dark in person.

The other angle. The light doesn't do it justice.     
And then there is that room I call the arts/crafts/guest room. My husband calls it the "yellow" room. We are such royalty. We now have a couch that pulls out into a bed. Now I can actually have people spending the night over.
The soft, comfy pull-out couch.
My arts/crafts corner.
And yet another view. Please don't mind the mess.
Finally, let's go to our "formal" dining room. This was unused space for a long time. We both have big families, and we wanted to entertain, but never had enough places to sit down and have a meal together. Well, that is no longer a problem.
Yes, that's a bench on one side.
Our dining/living room area and Wally. 
And now I am in dire need for some art work to put up on the walls. I welcome any suggestions (as long as they are affordable.) I am thinking of doing this thing Amanda did and order some paper prints and frame them. Thoughts?


Azra Beganovic said...

I adore your new furniture and anxiously await the opportunity to see/use it. (Except your bed- that would be weird.) As far as art is concerned, Amanda's idea is perfect- definitely my style.

MsAmanda said...

Tried to comment on my phone and it didn't work. Nice! How exciting:)

I used the Ribba frma from IKEA, which worked well with the Cavellini papers-you only have to cut down a bit on each side.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it.