Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching up

I have so much to show you! Let's go back a few days:

1) I had a wonderful time at the cabin in Minnesota. I wish I could have stayed longer.
Somewhere over the rainbow...
My sister-in-law and I jet skiing. Fun!
2) I finished a baby vest for my friend B's baby boy. Can't wait to see him in it!
So tiny!
3) My vest is not as impressive as the blanket that my mom knitted for B. It is beautiful!
It only took her a few weeks!
B looks so cute pregnant. 
4) Some girls from work and I held B's baby shower. It was a hit!

The spread. 
The girls
We played games, had treats, and showered B with gifts
5) We had a food-on-a-stick day at work, and I won the "healthiest" category.
Tutti Frutti
My ribbon


Anonymous said...

I like it.

Jennifer said...

Your vest and your mom's blanket are both so sweet. I continue to be in awe at your knitting skills!

Azra Beganovic said...

Ena! That baby vest turned out great! It looks fabulous!