Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new

This is "May" (short for Maytag). She is a 54-year old washing machine that seriously deserves retirement. While she tried her hardest to keep going, sometimes she would just pause for a breather. She is now resting in our basement until we can send her out on a cruise for a well-deserved vacation.
And now this is "Sam" (short for Samsung). Shiny and new, with lots of buttons. She is the sleek, modern, super-efficient gal with an advanced technology education. She will now be taking over May's work.
(Kupila sam novu veš ma
šinu. Ona stara je napravljena 1956-te godine, pa joj je vrijeme da penzioniše.)
And here is a head-shot of May. Sweet, plump and worn-out face.
And here is Sam. Rawwrr! She is hot.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your new washing machine is hot! I don't know why I just said that. It looks nifty.
Is "penzioniše" really a word or is more like, "žahor?" ;]

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

It's amazing that the old washer lasted that long. And I agree that the new one is hot!