Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuff on a Donnerstag

S came over tonight and together with Jeff and Wally we watched "The Hurt Locker". The movie was fantastic, albeit sad. My heart was pounding throughout the entire movie.
While we were watching, I managed to finish knitting my husband's "seaman's cap".
I managed to take a picture while he was watching the movie. He is not the easiest model to work with. It fits well and looks good. I made exactly what he requested.
The hat was one of the gifts for our 3-year anniversary (which is tomorrow). I also bought him a cot for when he goes on fishing trips. And I made a scrapbook of our honeymoon in Mexico. Below are a few of the excerpts from it. I am not really into scrap-booking, but I thought it would be a nice and meaningful gesture.
We had a Mayan wedding ceremony and a dinner just for us.
The resort where we stayed, Le Blanc, was pretty much my piece of heaven. The beach, the waves, the infinity pool were all unbelievable.
You can't really see on these photos, but the room we had was better than anything we could have imagined. The bed was facing the beach (upper right hand corner), and we woke up each morning to a beautiful sunrise.
We also went out to see Mayan ruins (Tulum).
The food and the restaurants in the hotel were just like from a 1950s movie.
I would love to visit there again sometime soon. Every moment on our honeymoon took my breath away. I never regretted not having a wedding and having a honeymoon of our dreams instead.

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You said you were taking pics of Wally!