Thursday, February 25, 2010

I like to make things

I've been on a kick lately - making my own clothes and accessories via knitting and sewing. First, let me show you the cozy ascot I knitted to wear around my neck. Super soft and simple and cute.
I also sew a baby doll top for myself - the second garment I produced with my own two hands (and a fancy Viking sewing machine).
Here is my project in its full glory. I am still amazed that it actually fits me.
And it looks good! In the pic below, my hubby made me laugh (or angry, sometimes I can't tell the difference).
Oh, and one more view from the back. :)
I am pretty happy and proud. Looks like I have a knack for it.


Laura said...

you're awesome! both look great.

Jennifer said...

Cute! Again, nice fabric choice. How long did it take you to complete the top? I feel like we were just talking about you starting it earlier this week.

beartifix said...

Thanks gals! Jennifer - it took a mere day to do this. This is much faster than knitting, that's for sure.