Monday, January 18, 2010

I'll trade my MBA homework for sewing class homework any day

A few years ago, my parents bought me a sewing machine that I played with occasionally. I really wanted to learn the craft so I enrolled into a sewing class for beginners. My teacher is a petite, no-nonsense, skilled seamstress who told us, in all seriousness, that our first project is going to be a baby dress, and we will start this dress by sewing in a zipper. I love a challenge.
Our first homework was to buy a yard of cotton woven fabric, sew the cut edges, wash, dry and press the fabric, and then pin the pattern. I was pretty excited to get the machine set up and ready for class. Check out my creative corner that my husband set up for me in the guest room. He is a doll.
My stitches look good, even though my line is not quite even. I am hoping to have more control over that with practice.
I made sure to lay out the pattern right (the instructor demonstrated this to us at the end of class). I had no idea about grain line, selvage, and cross line - key to getting a functional garment. These are the small details that I couldn't have learned on my own. So I am really glad I am taking this class. We will see how it goes with the zipper next week. :)

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