Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

S and A came over and we left together to go to a party held by my husband's classmate.
The party was fun. Here is my hubby with his friend M.
My husband was a fisherman, and I was a fish/mermaid/sea creature. I was told I looked better with my wig.
A was a "grim sweeper" - he kept sweeping these people's kitchen floors while being grim about it. It cracked us up.
I was being gutted by S. Fish do have feelings.
My bff was a "cereal killer" - that was awesome, and very fitting.
I met some new peeps at the party, including C. She was totally sweet. And she is a lawyer.
Overall, tons of fun. We then went back to our house and hung out even more. The party was over around 5am. :O


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Oh man, that was SO much fun. Can't wait for the New Year celebration! :D