Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random stuff that happened

So yesterday morning at work, I kept hearing an odd noise behind me. I turned around in my cube to find this precious little thing crawling towards me... in the office!
That totally made my day. He is one of my coworker's babies that got cut loose. Here is his twin brother. CUTE! I love babies!!!
That was a good start to the day. And then after work, I got to have dinner with my two best friends, S and D. It was awesome. I always laugh my butt off when I am with them.
Another person that makes me happy is my amazing hubby. He is the best. Here he is tinkering with the car - his favorite thing to do (other than studying law and fishing, of course).
I am so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

You are SO lucky to have me in your life. I would wish it to anyone.

"You are not a tomboy, you have buttons on your shirt!" -Des
"Yeah, and your hair is curly." -Ena