Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday I met my girls D and S at a sushi place to celebrate S finding a decent job.
S finally got the scarf I knitted for her. Not very timely for warm September days, but it will come in handy come winter. Sushi was delicious, as expected. I tried to restrain myself from eating all of it (but barely).
Afterward, we goofed around Target, where S found some 60s and 70s hits CDs. We ended up singing along to the blaring classics in the car all night long. Met some friends (and made some new ones). It was, as always, tons of fun. These two are trouble.
Sunday was a little more low key. Got to catch up on some house work, and then met my team to work on our class project. (Hi guys!)
We had the most wonderful meeting place (at a pretty lake), and our meeting lasted a mere 30 minutes. What a dream team! If only everyone was as easy to work with...

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