Thursday, September 10, 2009

My puppy is a killah

Today I decided to invite my sisters over for dinner. I figured they would enjoy to eat a nice home-made meal. I made Ginger Lime Tilapia with Banana Ketchup & Curried Quinoa - another recipe from the Clean Eating Magazine. We ate it before I remembered to take a picture, so here is the photo from the magazine. It pretty much looked exactly like that (my fish was seasoned a bit more, so it wasn't so pale).

Then we played Frisbee outside with the dog.

He actually managed to catch the Frisbee . Too bad I didn't get that on video. It was pretty funny.

He also tried to carry a basketball in his mouth. He is THAT ambitious.

There he is, two serene minutes before he snapped the leash and attacked the neighbor's dog. We had a hard time catching him. When we finally got a hold of him, he had blood on his tongue and lip. Not sure if it was his or the other dog's. Yikes! I am slightly afraid now... not that the other dog didn't have it coming. She kept provoking him forever. She surely learned her lesson. Don't mess with the big golden guy.

All in all, it was a fun evening. We ate, we played, and then we watched some Flight of the Choncords. I always enjoy spending time with my little sisters.

And tomorrow we are volunteering at a book sale together. Yay!

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