Monday, September 7, 2009

Food log... or dlog (as in Web log is blog...get it?)

If you ever found yourself wondering "I wonder what she eats every day" (I mean, who hasn't wondered about how I keep my apple shaped, pudgy figure), you can now track my every bite here.

I really do hate tracking everything I eat, especially if it's something someone else made (I measure every single ingredient in every recipe I make on my fancy new food scale, so that I can have a almost accurate estimate of my calorie intake). But keeping track and making it visible to others makes me accountable and less likely to give in to 3,000 calorie chocolate and pizza binges.

So, please feel free to review and judge me on my food choices. Make sure to stop me and scold me on days I choose to eat a pot full of pasta or a jar full of Nutella. This is all for my own good. It's the only thing that has truly helped me lose weight, feel good, and gotten my blood pressure down - and will (hopefully) lower my cholesterol.

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