Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anniversary and campus days

Friday was my parents' 27-year anniversary. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
I got them a lavender-vanilla house candle and some Teavana tea. We went out to eat at Red Rossa's with some family friends, and then hit the mall for some shopping.
On Saturday, I spent some time with my sisters on campus. We mostly played ultimate Frisbee and goofed around.Drake Relays!
Some pillars.
By the fountain.
The girls at the water fountain.
Playing Frisbee.
By the famous rock.
In front of Old Main.
By the library.
Here they are with B, Z's boyfriend, who also attends Drake.
My sisters taking on the campus.
M & I around Dogtown.
B jumping over my sister Z. He could be a skater.
The traditional jump photo my sisters like to do everywhere.
Fun times!

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