Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My favorite guys

While I spent my weekend cleaning the house, shopping, cooking, and spending time with one of my favorite "guys" (my puppy dog Wallace who turned 5 on Saturday, the 18th), my husband went on a fishing/camping trip with his friend. There he ran into my dad, who was also on a fishing/camping trip with his friend. (Note that my mom was also at home - cleaning.)

It must be great to be a guy.


SpoMonkey said...

Well you could have come out camping with Des and me for the night but you said YOU and Jeff had plans already. Cleaning does not constitute as "plans" as you can clean any day of the week.

It's great to be a girl.

beartifix said...

Just wait till you have a household. You have to plan on weekends for cleaning, laundry, etc. because you are too tired to do so during the week. So ha!