Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eating clean

Okay - so I loved cooking every night, but the recipes from the Vegetarian cookbook have started to fail me. Taste-wise, they were either hit or miss. And a closer look at the nutrition data showed that they were still too carby and fatty. So I wanted to find a cookbook that was a bit more healthy and nutritious.

This is where the Eat-Clean Diet cookbook came in. I first heard of Tosca Reno in the Oxygen magazine (a mag for female bodybuilders and fitness gurus). So I decided to check it out. The advice in the book made sense to me (eat lots of complex carbs with lean protein, drink lots of water, take supplements, exercise, eat every 3 hours...), and the recipes in the cookbook looked delicious.

My trainer, Terri, also recommends the book. It is a diet for bodybuilders. I know I am not even close to even showing muscle, but I do have to get rid of all this unhealthy fat around my waist. (Last time I checked, my body composition consisted of over 30% fat - yikes!)

The first recipe I made was the linguine with jumbo shrimp and spinach. It contained ingredients like cherry tomatoes, basil, and lemon rind. It was uber-delicious!
The second recipe was orzo with baby peas, edamame, red pepper and then I added lemon-pepper tilapia. I didn't think it was possible, but it was even better than the linguine.
I've been careful with portions, eating only one serving at dinner, and then saving another serving for lunch the next day. My hubby has been eating it, as well. He liked it. That is always a good sign.
I have high hopes for this new clean eating lifestyle. I am already noticing a trimmer waist and more energy overall. Woohoo!

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