Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's my 26th birthday!

I turned 26! First thing this morning I had a health screening that revealed that I have a borderline high cholesterol. And this is despite me being vegetarian, exercising nearly every day, and taking fish oil supplements daily. Apparently, it's genetic.

But I wasn't bummed for long since I found a nice card from my coworkers, as well as a Starbucks gift card from M (thank you, M!), so B and I went and got us some yummy oatmeal and iced coffee for breakfast.

Then B treated me to lunch (thank you, B!). M drove us to a nearby restaurant and we had some delicious food. Here are my awesome coworkers and friends, M and B:
Thank you, girls! That was so sweet.

Like every year, my cool mother-in-law left a happy-birthday-singing voice mail and sent cookies which I shared with my coworkers.
And here is the funny card from my coworkers. Unfortunately, you can't read the funny part because of the glare, but it says: "Man, these people stink!" followed by "why dogs stick their heads out of the car." Cute! And I was always wondering.And then my mom got me pretty, pretty flowers. One year she also got me a plant that I still have in my cubicle. (thank you , mom!) After work, I got to spend some time with my goofy hubby. He insists on making faces.
And I got lots of love from my affectionate puppy. Normally, he is not allowed on the couch, but he was so excited to see me, he took the risk and jumped up to give me a sloppy kiss despite of what the consequences may be. Then he snuggled up to me (note his paw on the laptop). This was his way of wishing me a happy birthday, and it was so sweet. (And no, he didn't get punished for jumping on the furniture.)Then hubby and I went out to dinner with my sisters. We hit the mall beforehand. The restaurant was French and expensive, and it took forever to get our food. My husband covered the atrociously high bill. (thank you, babe!) I also got presents from my sweet sisters. They know me so well. I got a Sephora gift card which they presented me with when we were at the mall. I got myself my favorite Ojon hair product (I am hooked). Then they got me my favorite loose leaf tea from Teavana, Queen of Babylon. Yummy! And of course, Godiva chocolates. I frikkin love chocolate. The card had a banana on it, which is perfect since I am a big fan of bananas (they used to call me monkey). What a nice birthday! If only I wasn't getting older.


MsAmanda said...

Sounds like an awesome day-thanks for the cookies! Did you go to Django? we went for our anniversary and it was great-I especially liked the look of the place. Very not-Des Moines:)

beartifix said...

Yeah - it was Django! I agree - not very Des Moines-ian. It was pretty fancy. And the cheese was to die for.