Saturday, May 16, 2009

Presents from my parents

My parents are so sweet! They went to a number of garage sales last Friday and got some goodies for me. So thoughtful!

One of the things they found was this compartmentalized cubby for my knitting and crocheting paraphernalia. Before this, all of the content you see here was in a plastic bag, which made it so difficult for me to find things. This cubby is so practical and will make my hobby less frustrating.
My dad also saw some knitting needles and thought of me! These are some of the larger sized ones that I was actually missing in my collection.
Oh, and my dad knows how much I love to drink loose leaf tea, so he had to get this for me. It's so pretty and totally me. And now I actually have four matching cups to use for when I have company for tea.
But by far the most eccentric find is this cutting board from the 1950s.
What made it really special is the origin of the manufactured product:Thank you mom and dad! Your gifts are very much appreciated and cherished!

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