Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farm Town Friday

I had a pretty busy day at work yesterday. I was one of the last people out of the office. So when I came home, my dear hubby suggested we go out to eat - his treat.

Pescetarian that I am (vegetarian who eats seafood/fish), I couldn't refuse trying out Red Lobster. Our waiter was incredibly engaging - like a 50s radio show host. The food was yummy, and the portions huge. I could not finish half my plate. Here is my hubby being goofy, and our gigantic plates. Hubby also got me hooked to this application on Facebook called Farm Town. It's kind of like Sims on a farm. You grow vegetables and fruits and sell them for money, which you can use to build on your farm. Totally up my alley. I love it and haven't been able to stop. Below are some screen shots of my farm.

I am hoping to get some work done around my actual house today, but my cyber tomatoes are almost ready for harvest, so I don't know what I will actually get accomplished today in the real world. :)


Jennifer said...

Growing up, my siblings and I actually had Sim Farm! It was awesome. Strawberries were always a major cash crop.

beartifix said...

Oh it's addictive, I tell you. My husband is even worse. He says he wants to be the best player to ever play that game. He is serious about it.