Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And I ran...

Yess! I ran a mile in 11 minutes and 4 seconds today!

Now, that may not be impressive according to normal human standards. But for me, that is a HUGE achievement. I was the girl who thought it was beyond amazing to run for two minutes straight without stopping for a walking break. I actually RAN the full 11 minutes. It was 5-7mph, with the a majority of time in the 5.5mph range, but it was running.
This totally inspired me to do a 5k run next year. I should be in a good shape by then to keep up with the majority. I found a few 5k race training plans that should be relatively easy to follow here and here. Now I just got to stick to the plan.

Oh, and today is a good friend's birthday. I am probably going to take her out to dinner next weekend, maybe get her a gift card to this amazing Eden shop in town, and also knit her a scarf (that is long overdue). Will post picture of scarf once it's closer to completion (I am hoping to get it done before I see her). The pattern is Sinfully Ribbed and the yarn is this beautiful teal Berrocco Peruvia. I hope she likes it.


SpoMonkey said...

WOW! That is impressive. Good job!
I have to say, I'm jelaous.

beartifix said...

Maybe we can train together this summer. I'll whip you into shape, you'll see. And then next year we'll run a 5k race.