Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I wish I had Carla Bruni's milk-honey-butter voice

Last Sunday I opened our hallway storage closet and decided I would no longer tolerate the pile of shoes on the floor. It resembled a landfill. I could never find a matching pair. So being a perfectionist on either extreme (either perfectly messy, or perfectly organized), I decided to do a 180 and give each shoe its own "bed". I found a great shoe storage unit at Target on sale. Here is the After photo:

This required that I donate some of the shoes I don't plan to wear (ever). I also put the flip-flops and other flimsy shoes undeserving of their own rightful place on the shelf into a plastic bin on the top. My vacuum cleaners and mops fit in the corners, as well. Sweet. I kept opening the closet doors and admiring the view.

I also replaced an old, decapitating set of blinds from my kitchen window with a fresh, clean version. And I got some cute place mats by Orla Kiely (from this collection) and chair cushions for my dining room table. Then I made a dinner consisting of fruits and veggies I had on hand and my favorite wine ever, Caba Moch by our own Summerset winery.

There is my dinner, and there are them place mats. And here is my puppy, dressed for the occasion.


MsAmanda said...

Ah ha! found your blog. Nice shoe organization--we have shoes freaking everywhere! Next up, tie photo for Gordito.

beartifix said...

Glad you found it! :)